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Deploying LLMs

We are excited to be joined by Aaron Reich and Priyanka Shah. Aaron is the CTO at

Avanade, while Priyanka leads their AI/IoT offering for the SEA Region. Priyanka is also the MVP for Microsoft AI. They join us to discuss how LLMs are deployed in organizations.

Aaron started with an introduction to what Avanade does, including technology enablement for their clients. Priyanka shared how they use technology such as generative AI for productivity boosts. They both shared how companies plan rollouts in the fast-paced generative AI space. They also shared how they use data to build knowledge graphs for faster data insights and better company productivity.

Aaron talked about strategies that clients are utilizing with LLMs. Priyanka discussed building and deploying technologies such as a custom Copilot. She shared aspects of AI's future that she is particularly excited about, as well as things that may be concerning. They both emphasized measures that can be used to use LLMs responsibly.

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Priyanka Shah

AI/IoT lead at Avanade, SEA. Microsoft AI MVP. Rolled out 3 enterprise grade Gen AI implementations and over a dozen MVPs and POCs. Written a white paper on Gen AI security. Over 12 years of deep technical expertise in Data science and AI/ML solutions design and implementation. Public speaker and blogger.

Aaron Reich

As Chief Technology Officer, Aaron Reich is responsible for Avanade’s technology strategy, driving innovation across the business and incubating emerging technologies to bring them to clients across the globe. He manages Avanade’s global R&D function, oversees Avanade’s participation in the startup ecosystem and drives our responsible technology approach and digital ethics practice, including for our client work with generative AI.

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